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Safety Tips

Welcome to! is highly concerned about the safety of every user profile and committed to provide a safer user experience. We take every reasonable measure to protect you and your personal information.

We screen every user by confirming their authenticity with their mobile number, email address and /or Identity/Address Proofs. We ensure that every profile is screened for irrelevant / inappropriate content. In rare cases of any inappropriate content escaping our screening system or any kind of abuse, we have an easy reporting system for the users to report.

Trust Code: includes a unique feature of using trust codes for utmost safety of the users. When a user buys your profile, you and the respective user will receive a unique trust code by using which you can assure the genuineness of the person contacting you.

Though we offer a very secure and robust system, we recommend our users to follow few guidelines that will ensure a much safer online presence.

Keep Safe Your Login Details: As your login credentials are the key to your profile, it is vital to keep it safe. Anyone may use your profile for any malpractice, if they get your login credentials. So, never reveal your login credentials.

Know the Stamps: provides different stamps for profile depending on the details verified. Refer these to understand the genuineness of a profile.

  • • Identity Stamp: Is provided once a user submits any one of his/her government-authorized identity proof, such as Voter ID, Ration Card and Passport.
  • • Professional Stamp: Is provided when a user submits his/her latest degree certificate or education certificate; and submits the last salary slip.
  • • Social Stamp: Is provided when a user links his/her social network profiles, including Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • • Reference Stamp: Is provided when a user submits the details of his/her reference, each from personal and professional background.

Guard Your Contact Details: shares your contact number only to the verified users who buy your profile. When you are contacted by a profile or when you contact someone, please verify the trust code with each other to ensure the genuineness. If possible, it is better to have a separate pre-paid number for contacting profiles. Also, do not reveal your residential address, office address, email ID (maybe you can set up a separate e-mail ID for communicating), or any other contact information before understanding in detail about the profile.

Beware of Social Media Apps: If you choose to use social media applications to interact with a profile, be careful about protecting your personal and sensitive details.

Try Analysing Genuineness: While communicating with a profile, be cautious to analyze the behaviour of the profile. Take your time to show any sign of positivity to the profile; do not hurry to respond, especially if the other person is stressing to do so. Look out for any abnormal behaviour like stressing you to tell the home /office address, asking your most personal details or compelling you to decide sooner.

Try to See More Photos: It is better to see more photos of a person before taking any progressive decision. So it is better to ask for more photos of the person and his family and look at them before you take it forward.

TRY TO GET MORE ID PROOF TO AUTHETICATE N VERIFYTry to get more ID proofs and verify them to check the authenticity.

Meeting: Only when you are sure about the genuineness, proceed to meet. It is better to have the first meeting in a common place. Ensure the safety of the place; maybe keep it to your well known location and where more people would be. Also, ensure that you have someone with you — a friend or a relative. During your meeting, ask more questions and try to probe into the genuineness of the answers.

Falling in Love: Never show your attraction towards anyone very soon. Take your time. Never fall out for filmy talks, caring advices or any sort of romantic moves. A genuine person will always take his/her time and will give you the freedom to take your time. Beware of any wrong moves.

Involve Your Family: It is always better and safe to involve your family from the first step you take towards looking out for a match. Keep them informed and involved.

Never Give Money: No genuine person would ask for money from you. If he/she does, please stay away and report to us. Never share your any of your financial details and bank details.

Realize the Responsibility: Marriage is for a lifetime. It is very important that you select the right person. Never make any emotional decisions. Realize that your responsibility is high and make the right decision.

Report Spam: In case of any kind of malpractice from a particular profile, you may report the same by marking the profile as Spam. By doing so, the profile user will be sent a warning without a mention of who reported spam and the respective profile will be temporarily deactivated. He/she will be further called/sent an e-mail by MG or asked to fill a form of authentication to prove the genuineness. Only after MG understands the reason for being reported as spam and finds that the profile is genuine, his/her profile will be activated back. Also, an alert message will be sent to all the users whose profiles that he/she had bought recently.

Spam report Link

In case of a profile is been repeatedly reported as spam for more than three times, the profile will be permanently deactivated in the Website.

You may also write to about the details of the spam. assures to provide all possible assistance to the Police, Cyber Crime or any other statutory investigation agency to handle fraudulent users, when specifically instructed by the said authorities to do so. To report fraud or misuse, write to us giving full details of your case.