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MaangalyaGuru is India's Fastest Growing, Speedy match-making Matrimony portal. We provide a speedy match-making Matrimony service for all Indian brides and grooms of any religion and community. Now, you can select your heart-desired life partner fast and easy.

In the ultra-modern life of Indians, we are spread all over the world. We don't have time to search across millions of profiles and select the best one. It takes more time and is a very complicated process. MaangalyaGuru solves this problem in your lovely mom's way.

MaangalyaGuru's unique match-making formula is inspired from our Millions of Indian Moms; You know very well how she thinks, acts, concentrates and puts effort to find the best partner for the kith and kin. She always tries to give the best to you. You can always expect the best from your mom. MaangalyaGuru deeply understands, respects and strictly follows the Indian Moms’ way and your family tradition and culture.

MaangalyaGuru has converted the traditional match-making service as a digital solution. Now, you can always expect the best matching from us. MaangalyaGuru now does 99% of the work for you as your Mom does. Now, you can get the best-matched profiles every day.

MaangalyaGuru always thinks and is dedicated to our youth nation wanting to enter their happy marriage life.

Enjoy Our Matchmaking Services!